Pitch Bootcamp Barcelona 2015

Pitch Bootcamp Barcelona 2015 - Universitat Ramón Llull

Class Overview

Once again, and because of the great success of the first edition, we decided to join Pitch Bootcamp in 2015. The event was run by Talent Search People, one of our main clients in Barcelona and it was a great opportunity to interact and learn more about each other. Once again, the event went really well and we had the chance to speak with many interesting candidates from different fields. The event was designed, not so much to recruit candidates, but more to focus on helping them with their pitch. It was also a chance to aid them in their self-reflection concerning their careers and company choices. However, I was told that in every edition some candidates get hired by some of the assisting companies.

Class Details

Pitch Bootcamp Barcelona 2015
Universitat Ramón Lllull

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